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Meal Prep Workshop
Sip Coffee (Toledo)
Saturday 3/28 @ 1:30pm

Online Workshops Coming Soon!

Nutrition 101: Food as Fuel

Understanding basic nutrition can give you the tools necessary to make educated decisions about the foods you eat. This workshop is a great introduction to basic nutrition, from how nutrients work to the foods we should all be eating.

Building a Healthy Lifestyle: Ditch the Diet

Ditch the diet and educate yourself on how to build nutritious eating habits that will sustain you for a lifetime. This workshop offers suggestions on how to break away from yo-yo dieting to create long-term, sustainable habits. 

Affordable Nutrition: Eating Healthy on a Budget

Don’t break the bank just to fuel yourself with the foods your body needs! Food budgeting is an essential tool that makes nutritious eating affordable for everyone. This workshop teaches you essential tips and tricks for how to shop for whole foods on a budget.

Nutrition Labeling: Understanding the Facts

Reading nutrition labels can give you the power to make informed choices about the foods you decide to eat. This workshop breaks down the elements of the nutrition label so that you can easily fill your home with nutrient-dense foods.

Meal Prep How-To: Planning Your Nutrition

Meal prepping is one of the most important tools someone can have under their belt. This workshop breaks down meal prepping step-by step and offers tips and suggestions so that you can bring this essential knowledge into your home.

Food and Disease: Finding Health through Nutritious Foods

The foods you eat are a crucial factor in disease risk, longevity, and even quality of life. This workshop expands on some of the most common diseases in the U.S., and their relationships to nutritional health.

Grocery Store Tour: How to Save Time, Money, and Health

The weekly trip to the grocery store doesn’t have to steal most of your day, your budget, or your overall health. This workshop takes you on a virtual grocery store tour to educate you on the best way to shop for nutritious foods.

In-Person Grocery Store Tour

This in-person workshop takes you on a local grocery store tour to educate you on the best way to shop for nutritious foods. Participants will receive a shopping tote full of resources and freebies at the end of the tour.

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