8 week nutrition challenge

your introduction to building sustainable habits

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8 week program

Easy-to-follow daily and weekly goals are designed to help you build healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

tools & resources

Stay on track easily with a recipe books, shopping lists, sample meal prep menus, and other resources on hand.

peer support

Weekly emails and access to a private Facebook support group, where you can share your questions, comments, and small wins.

no more fads

The focus of the 8 week challenge is to learn how to add more nutritious foods into the diet rather than to restrict what you enjoy.

The diet industry is massive – worth over $70 billion in 2019! However, research has shown that anywhere from 80-90% of people who go on a diet for weight loss will gain back the weight.

This is not a failure of the person who is dieting. It’s a failure of diet culture.

Let me ask you this… if you’re only changing your eating habits to lose weight, how can you expect those habits to last you a lifetime?

This is where the 8 Week Nutrition Challenge steps in.

This step-by-step guided program works by helping you build something sustainable. It assists you in creating long-term habits from the ground up while building a positive, fulfilling relationship with nourishing food.

This 8-week challenge is an opportunity to build a healthy relationship with food through nutritious eating habits.

It doesn’t focus on weight loss.

It doesn’t focus on “good” and “bad” foods.

It doesn’t put you through the ringer and make you miserable to wake up each day and eat foods you don’t love.

Instead, this challenge is intended to introduce you to all the healthy habits that nutrition professionals recommend to their clients every single day.

I built this 8 Week Nutrition Challenge as an alternative to the constant pressure of diet culture. With my program, there is absolutely no pressure to diet or eat foods you don’t enjoy. There is only guidance and support to help you learn how to nourish your body for the long haul. 

If you’ve been struggling to find something that works for you, I encourage you to join us in the 8 Week Challenge and start building habits that will last a lifetime.

eleesha lockett

nutritionist, owner of the healthful human

What's Included In The Challenge?

Private Support Group

Access to a private Facebook support group, where you can share your questions, comments, and weekly wins.

Challenge Guide Book

Contains full daily and weekly guidance on building these healthy habits, plus nutrition education to give you the tools you need to be confident in making these changes.

Recipe Book

Themed meals to meet your weekly goals and help you incorporate more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, heart healthy fats, and more.

Sample 4 Week Meal Plan

To give you ideas on how to continue incorporating these nutrition habits long after the challenge is over.

Weekly Shopping List

Accompanies the meal plan and includes additional food options that can help you meet your weekly goals.

Looking for more Resources?

We have plenty more nutrition resources, like meal plans and beginner guides, in the shop - follow the link below to check them out!