8 week nutrition challenge

your introduction to building sustainable habits

Coming february 2020!

8 week program

Easy-to-follow daily and weekly goals are designed to help you build healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

tools & resources

Stay on track easily with a recipe books, shopping lists, sample meal prep menus, and other resources on hand.

peer support

Weekly emails and access to a private Facebook support group, where you can share your questions, comments, and small wins.

no more fads

The focus of the 8 week challenge is to learn how to add more nutritious foods into the diet rather than to restrict what you enjoy.

step-up nutrition program

an in-depth follow up to the 8 week challenge

Coming soon!

You’ve tried everything. Diet after diet after diet. You’ve tried it all and you’re sick of falling off of the food wagon… and getting back on it and falling back off it, time and time again.

Trust me, a lot of us have been there. We’ve stood in your shoes and we’re all thinking the same thing: why is it so hard to make changes that are going to affect your health for the rest of your life? It’s so important, which means it should be easier than this, right?

Actually… yes. Making good food choices that last a lifetime should be easy, and it is – with the right approach. All those times you’ve stumbled and fallen off the food wagon? It’s because you’re not making healthy habits. It’s because you’re not creating a healthy lifestyle.

That’s where Step Up Nutrition comes in. Created around the idea that healthy habits lead to long-term changes, the Step Up Nutrition program is tailored to lead you on the path to success. Whether that’s small changes, such as eating more fruits and vegetables, or large shifts in the way you eat, we can help you do it all.

One of the most common mistakes people make when creating health goals is doing too much, too fast. Instead, the brain much more easily adjusts to minor changes, made over a longer period of time. Step Up Nutrition relies on making multiple small, yet obtainable, lifestyle changes to help you build successful habits. Some of the tools at your disposable include:

  • “Step Up” protocols: suggestions for healthy exchanges in your day-to-day eating habits, one change at a time
  • Meal prep kit: a full prep kit that includes all of the meal prep essentials, such as containers, scales, and recipe books
  • Additional recipe suggestions: a variety of recipe ideas, including recipes that include common ingredient substitutes
  • Community support: an app that includes tracking capabilities for changes, calories, and all of your new healthy habits


Sound like your next favorite lifestyle change? Let’s get started.