Nutrition Services

All consultations and nutrition service packages can be completed in-person or online via Skype or another video messaging program of your choice. My services are flexible to fit your busy lifestyle while still offering full nutritional support.

Whether you are interested in using nutrition therapy as your first-line of defense against illness and disease or as an adjunct to current treatments for your health conditions, nutrition care can make a world of difference in your quality of life. As a trained and educated nutritionist, my adjunct nutrition protocols span the following areas:

Cardiovascular: Dyslipidemia, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease

Digestive: GERD and Acid Reflux, Food Allergies and Sensitivities,
IBS and IBD (Celiac, Crohn’s, etc), Post-Bariatric Surgery

Metabolic: Obesity, Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

Other: Inflammatory Conditions (Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, etc),
Acne, Atopic Dermatitis, Skin Conditions, Thyroid Dysfunction
Kidney and Liver Conditions (NAFLD, Kidney Disease, etc), Cognitive Decline
Cancer (Breast, Prostate, etc)

… and more!

The first step to a healthier lifestyle is choosing a nutrition package that best fits your individual needs. Once we have met for an initial consultation, we will choose the services that are right for you and move forward from there!

The cost of the initial consultation is $25 and will be be put towards the price of your nutrition services, if you choose to move forward.

The Complete Nutrition Package is designed to offer you longer-term nutritional support. During this two-month period, you will be given the tools that will allow you to confidently continue forward in your journey towards good nutrition. This package includes:

⇒ 2 full months of nutrition counseling, including nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations
⇒ 1 customized 10-day meal plan
⇒ complementary follow-up consultations
⇒ nutrition handouts, recipes, and informational pamphlets


The Advanced Nutrition Package is designed to meet your long-term nutritional support needs. During this six-month period, you will receive full support that will help you make your new, healthy habits into a healthy lifestyle for the long term. This extensive package includes:

⇒ 6 full months of nutrition counseling, including nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations
⇒ 1 grocery store tour
⇒ 1 customized 14-day meal plan
⇒ complementary follow-up consultations
⇒ nutrition handouts, recipes, and informational pamphlets


The Month-to-Month Package is designed on a needs basis, with no commitment (other than 1 month) necessary. Each month, you will be given the tools necessary to succeed on your nutrition journey. This package includes:

⇒ Month-to-month nutrition counseling, including nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations
⇒ 1 customized 7-day meal plan
⇒ 1 complementary follow-up consultation each month
⇒ nutrition handouts, recipes, and informational pamphlets

$295 per month

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These additional services may be purchased separately or added onto packages that they are not already included in.

Per-Hour Consultation: Are you curious about how nutrition affects the body? Do you have questions such as, “What is gluten sensitivity?”, “What are the benefits of a plant-based diet?”, or even “How much red meat consumption is safe?” Per-hour consultation is your quick reference guide to all of those nutrition questions. This option is for non-package clients who are unable to commit to counseling but may still be interested in speaking with a nutritionist. Per-hour consultation does not include any of the nutrition services listed above, but I may use reference materials to assist you with your questions.

$65 per hour

Pantry Makeover: The 60-minute pantry makeover can be added on to a previous package or purchased separately. With a pantry makeover, I will visit your home to assess the dietary choices in your pantry and fridge. We will discuss changes you can make to bring healthier food choices into your home, food choices to avoid when aiming for good nutrition, and meal prep tips.


Grocery Store Tours: As best explained by the CDC, “when healthy foods are not available, people may settle for foods that are higher in calories and lower in nutritional value.” However, many people are unaware of the vast amount of healthy foods that can be located right there in your local grocery store or supermarket – and a grocery store tour is the perfect opportunity to learn about the healthy food options available to you and your family.

60-90 minute grocery store tours are offered as either a group experience or an individual, specially-tailored experience. In addition, at the end of each in-person tour all participants will receive a free reusable tote, store coupons, and recipes to use during their next shopping trip!

$75 individual/$35 per person for groups of 3+ (feel free to ask about business, corporate, and online rates!)

Pantry Makeover + Grocery Store Tour: This 120-150 minute session combines the experience of a pantry makeover that transitions into a grocery store tour and is perfect for anyone wanting an immediate makeover in the kitchen and at the grocery store.


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