What is your availability?

I am available Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am-10:00pm PST for nutrition counseling.

Where are you located?

I am located in Los Angeles, California (North Hollywood to be exact) and I perform both in-person and online nutrition counseling.

What happens during the initial consultation?

In this 60-90 minute initial consultation we will discuss any nutrition and health concerns you may have and explore how my nutrition counseling can best serve you and your personal health goals. By the end of our initial consultation, we will be able to determine the best personalized nutrition plan for your lifestyle and goals.

What forms will I need to fill out?

As a nutritionist, my goal is to gather the most complete picture of your health. Before our initial consultation, I will have you fill out a 3-day food diary. During the consultation, I will interview you and together we will complete your client intake form. This client intake form will cover clinical and dietary history, which is pertinent to determining your current state of health, as well as health concerns and goals. If you have had recent blood-work done, it is highly recommended to bring all relevant labs to the consultation, as well.

What happens during the follow-up consultation?

In these 30-45 minute follow-up consultations we will continue to monitor progress and adjust dietary and lifestyle recommendations where necessary. If follow-up testing after the initial visit is required, it should be performed before any follow-up consultations in order to best serve you. Depending on your overall goals of the program, follow-up consultations may include discussion or revision of meal plans and lifestyle changes.

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, I am unable to accept insurance at this time – however, if you are having financial difficulties in affording necessary and urgent nutrition care, please feel free to reach out to me to and we can discuss this more!

What are your qualifications?

  • Current: Bachelor’s of Arts in Asian Studies from The University of Toledo (2014)
  • Current: Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition from The University of Bridgeport (2018, In-Progress)
  • Future: CNS from the Board of Certified Nutrition Specialists (2018, In-Progress)
  • Future: Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer from ACSM (2018, In-Progress)