We’ve stood in your shoes and we’re all thinking the same thing: why is it so hard to make changes that are going to affect your health for the rest of your life? It’s so important, which means it should be easier than this, right?

Well, you’re right. It should be, and it can be.

It's time to make healthy eating a lifestyle, not a fad.

Hey, I’m Eleesha. I’m a nutritionist, writer, blogger, lover of cats. My passion is good food and good health. And, I’m just like you.

I’m no stranger to everything that the nutrition world has to “offer”. I’ve been there too. Diets. Cutting carbs. Calorie counting. Tracking macros. Obsessing about what I eat, when I eat, and how I eat.

Or, at least, I used to. About halfway through my graduate studies, I realized that I wanted my relationship with food to change. I wanted it to be healthier. I wanted it to sustain me for a lifetime.

That’s where The Healthful Human comes in. I’m here to share my passion for good food with you, minus the extreme diets, the judgement, the unhappiness. Fueling your body shouldn’t be miserable. It should be exciting, fulfilling, and quite frankly, fun.

I can’t wait for you to join in!

– Eleesha Lockett, MS

The Healthful Human specializes in nutrition programs for long-term success, nutrition tools to support healthy lifestyle habits, and nutrition education to help you feel confident about the foods you eat.

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